Sunday, March 2, 2008

Here's the damage

So...I thought I would share some pictures of our lovely room after gallons of water meandered its way through...

Looks pretty awesome, eh?!

The guys finally got all the new flooring down and all the new trim put up and then quickly realized a small problem....the bedroom and bathroom doors would not open...?? Hmmmm...well, you see, they are pocket doors and they were both open when the new trim was nailed in and the nails just so happen to be long enough to reach into the doors as well. How lucky for us!! So, now the trim will have to be re-removed and re-nailed...I'm hoping it doesn't brake AGAIN and the we don't have to replace it AGAIN! Meanwhile, I am without curtains, blinds and closing doors in my bedroom and bathroom! WOO-HOOO!!

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