Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well...I have been trying to post these on Facebook and it is not working! AHHH!! So, I am going to try to put them here on my blog...
I have been working on some little aprons, initially for our craft show...but, unfortunately some things came up and I was not able to attend the craft show. Now I have several little aprons that are unusable in MY life...but I'm hoping they are for someone else!!
There are three sizes, according to the pattern...S=3-4. M=5-6 and L=7-10. They are $15 each. I also a few incomplete aprons and some that I haven't even started. Please message me if you are intersted. Thanks so much!!!

The following are SMALL aprons--size 3-4

The following are Medium aprons--size 5-6

The following are Large aprons--size 7-10--

The following are unfinished, can be easily completed if you are interested:


Christmas fabric--MEDIUM

Christmas fabric--MEDIUM



Just fabric...haven't started. These can be made into any size...

This is chocolate brown with a very light pink back ground and the polka dot fabric is choc. with tiny white dots.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Calling all scrappy friends...

The scrappy blog I visit and subscribe to (it's also a kit club)...Studio having a sweet giveaway for NSD (that's National Scrapbook Day for you non-scrappers) on the forum. The rules and info are here...
It's easy, just sign up and add your name and my user name (Ember S.) to be eligible for a 6 month subscription. That's a prize worth around $180. SOOO...go check it out!!!! :D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Memories, like the corner of my mind...

And the changes just keep rollin'...

See this little family here...

That's Jason and Hope and their 3 boys...our friends. Some of the closest friends we've made since moving back to Borger. And we had to say goodbye to them on Monday. Even knowing that we probably wouldn't be in the same town forever, didn't make it any easier. I knew that one of our families would move away someday, but I think I secretly hoped it would be us. But you never know what God has planned, and His plan for our friends was moving them...moving them to a new town to be a Sr. pastor. Which is RIDICULOUSLY exciting. I'm beyond excited to see what God has in store for them. IT IS going to be awesome. So while I've shed some tears over their departure, I can't help but feel excited at the same time. We'll huuuuuuuuug again (inside joke)! ;)

So enough of that mushy business...
We are getting closer and closer to our closing date! See, there's always a silver lining. The painters started working on the outside of the house yesterday, but are postponed today due to inclement weather...rain, sleet, snow...not sure what we'll have, but it's cold and wet. Not ideal conditions for painting the exterior of a house. They did leave all their ladders, so I'm confident they will come back when the sun is shining again and complete the job. YAY!!

Well...I guess that is all for today. Happy Wednesday!!

Ember :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

Some things never change, that's just the way it is...

While we do have a lot of changes going on in our lives right thing that hasn't changed is that I'm still a crappy blogger! HA!

Today starts a new week AND a new month. I can't believe it's already March! Anyone else with me?? We were forcasted to get a HUGE snow storm last night and today, but it didn't happen. Maybe it's all the prayers I've been hearing at church, mostly men, praying for no more snow...LOL! That while they are so thankful for the moisture, please no more snow. I think it's kinda funny. Maybe they're tired of having to drive their wives to and fro. It doesn't really matter to me, I peeked through my blinds this morning fully expecting to see a wintery blanket of white, but nothing. And life goes on! :)

(Here are some pics of one of the snow days we had last month)

The lovely snowman that Derek and Corbin built...they wouldn't let Bryson help because he kept trying to knock it over.

And the boys playing in the snow.

Snowball fight!!

Another one of the changes in my life happened three weeks ago. I had a hysterectomy. I haven't really put it out there via cyberworld...well, because I think it's a little uncomfortable to talk about, for the whole world to see. I grew up/was raised to be VERY (extremely extreme) modest. And for the most part I still am and talking about that kind of thing seems a little private. So, I apologize if that makes you uncomfortable, too! But it is a huge change in my life...and possibly my hubby/boys, too!! If I had a dollar for every woman that told me it would be the best decision I ever made, I'd have a lot of dollars! ;) And so far so good. I really researched EVERYTHING about it. Pros and cons. And prayed over all of them. I didn't want to be depressed that my ability to have children was gone forever...(one con that stuck out to me) and I'm not. I'm completely satisfied with my two gifts from God. And I didn't want to be writhing in pain for days from a giant incision on my belly...and I didn't have to have that incision, so virtually NO pain! Anywho, these are just a few examples. I feel great and just continue to feel better everyday. It's so exciting! I can't believe how much God has blessed me through this

Ok, I'm kinda done talking about that.

I have been able to get some scrapping in, due to being ordered to "take it easy" for a few more weeks. I had forgotten how much I love it! Maybe I'll share some of that soon, too.

And update on my last post. We officially have a contract on our house! I can't believe how fast this happened. But just confirms even more that this is a good decision for our family. So now we have 15 days to get the house inspected, etc. and then it's another 30 days after that, when the contract will be "pending" (so more official, I guess). And we the same goes for the house we are looking to buy. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Praying that all goes well with inspections on both houses and everything continues to go SMOOTHLY!!!

Well, I guess that is all for now. Hopefully, I will be back to normal soon and have some exciting things to blog about! HA!

ETA: It's spitting some snow, as I type! We went out to catch some!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So, in my last post I mentioned some changes.

One change, that will hopefully happen very soon, is that we are in the process of selling our house and buying a new one. Yesterday, we finally agreed on numbers, etc. with the seller of the house we want. We went back and forth several times...and finally met in the middle. Only "problem", which is part of the agreement, is that we sell our house before we can close. And we only have 60 days before that agreement ends. So, technically, we have about 45 days to sell our house.

Does that seem crazy??

Well, it is, a little. But I'm banking on faith for this to fall in place perfectly. I'm just not scared, or worried, or nervous. And I'm not always like that. I'm a worrier by nature. My parents are/were worriers, so I learned it well! :) However, there are times in my life when I have this feeling that EVERYTHING is gonna work out. I can't really explain it...but, that's what I'm feeling about this new house. I sure hope I'm right. Because, well, my husband IS freaking out a bit.

Anywho...back to changes...this change is really huge. For me. And my family.

You see...the roof we currently live under, was my parents house. After my mom died, my dad remarried and we all knew he wouldn't want to live in the same house with his new wife. And...for some reason, I just couldn't let the house go. I didn't want anyone but me to paint over the colors she had picked out and painted on these walls. She had finally worked up the courage to paint her house something other than white or off-white and she was so proud of it. I was proud of it. I was proud of her. And she LOVED it. She loved her red kitchen/dining room!

And while this house has been sooo good to us and has "housed" a million memories, it is time to move on. I have a love/hate relationship with this house...and it's time to let go of this piece of my mom. My parents worked hard on this house and have done some beautiful things...and now it's time to let a new family enjoy the fruits of their labor. I've been praying that the perfect family (or single person) will move into this house and be blessed. I want it to the best sitiuation for the new homeowner. I want it to be a relaxing and worry-free transaction.

Speaking of my would have been her 60th birthday. I can't believe that! Am I really old enough to have a 60 year old mom?! HA! I would have LOTS of black balloons and OVER THE HILL paraphernalia for her! And I would have teased her about being soooo old! I miss her...

(Sorry for the pictureless posts....I'll work on it this week!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Can it be?? A new blog entry from me??!!

Well, yes, yes it can be! Frankly, I'm getting bored and I thought, I might as well do some blogging while I'm banned to the bed for the next however many days ahead. Nothing exciting and wonderful today. I can see the sun peeking through the blinds and I hear the birds chirping a little sweet tune...considering all the snow we've had lately, that is exciting! And don't mistaken that for a complaint...I LOVE the snow. But I also love the sun and the chirping birds, too. It's a nice change, even if it's just for a short while.

Life is full of changes at our house...good changes. And I am so excited to see how they all play out.

And, I will end with that. I know, not the best blog of my life...but, I think I am back.

Happy Friday!