Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CMK DT entry

I made it!! I wasn't sure if it was going to be possible...but I did it...with not much time to spare! I was working on my 4th LO...but started getting a little nervous with the time and decided to wrap it up!

Ok, so here is the kit I put together with my stash...

Cardstock—-3 sheets Bazzill
Patterned paper-—2 sheets October Afternoon, 1 sheet Sasafrass, 1 sheet Tinkering Ink, 1 sheet Scenic Route, 1 sheet Chatterbox, 2sheets of Scarlet Lime exclusive paper (5 of these are double sided)
Alphas—-Thickers and Making Memories
Chipboard-—2 sheets Sasafrass, 4 misc. Maya Road and 1 pc Grungeboard
3 Misc trims from kits and Hobby Lobby (12 in each, although they are not cut in the picture)
Misc. buttons
Journaling cards—-1 jenni bowlin, 2 Elle’s Studio, 1 misc.
3 grey Prima flowers
Other misc embellies from Paper Valise—-blue and white string, 4 tickets, small stamps, 1 metal flower, 2 price tags, sequins, 3 rosette flower cabs
Cream tulle
1 Scarlet Lime stamp

Things not listed: pens, ink, paint, Slice

(you can click on the pics to enlarge :D)
And here is what I created with the kit:

3 Layouts--2 12x12 and 1 6x12 :

and 2 cards:

Well...that's it!

(For all of my non-scrapping readers...this might be kind of confusing, but it is an entry for a scrap booking contest :D)


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tagged x 2

Ok...So I have been tagged twice...One by Becky AND Kaci and the other by Holly...she tagged me like a month ago. (Sorry, Holly!)

The first, from Holly, was to name some of my husband's favorite things...he's sitting here next to me, so I'm just gonna take a guess, then ask him and then type it in here!!

Derek's favorite TV show
House or The Office

He also watches A LOT of Sportscenter (which he actually wrote into our vows, seriously...sickness and in health, good times and bad...Sportscenter and shopping...I have it on video..,:D)

Favorite food


Favorite drink

Diet Coke or Strawberry smoothies

Favorite ice cream
Blue Bell Cookies and Cream

Favorite hobby

Golf or Basketball (he says any kind of sports)

Favorite Movie

Gladiator, Office Space, or maybe Tommy Boy

Favorite Restaurant

PF Changs

Favorite Music

Casting Crowns, Shane and Shane, any good Christian music

This was kinda hard, because he really doesn't have a lot of "favorites", he just likes almost anything, everything, everyone most of the time.
Most importantly, I know he loves God and his family. And he loves learning about God every chance he gets!
So, there's that!

Ok, the other tag...which Becky and Kaci tagged me on is this...

1. Post rules on your blog.
2. Answer the six "4" items.
3. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment.

4 Things I Did Yesterday: slept LATE!!, I did LOTS of laundry, invited my Dad over to watch the Cowboy game with Derek, Practiced my music/song for Sunday (ummm, I actually didn't do a whole lot yesterday :D)
4 Things On My Wish List: Lose weight!!! *sigh*, for my house to always be clean, for my family to be happy and healthy, for my boys to grow up to be Godly men and marry Godly women
4 Things I Look Forward to: Daughter-in-laws and grand-kids, seeing my mom in heaven, Growing old and retiring with my honey, Singing at church
4 Restaurants I like: PF Changs, The Cheesecake Factory, Chuy's, Chili's
4 Favorite TV Shows: I Survived, Intervention, any Law and Order, So You Think You Can Dance

YAY! All done!! And I'm not tagging anyone, because I think everyone has already done it...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holy Toledo!!

My last post was Nov. 20!!! How embarrassing!
I'm soo sorry I have been such a horrible blogger. December has been INSANE!
I think tomorrow will be our 5th party and we still have 2 or 3 more, a wedding rehearsal and wedding, 2 baby showers and 2 birthday parties before the end of the year...and Christmas and NYE of course. Add cooking and baking for almost every event, some fundraising to help our youth for their winter disciple now trip, basketball games and practices, shopping, wrapping, etc., etc....I don't remember being this busy last year...or ever, for that matter!
So...I really have not had a lot of time to do anything "fun" as in scrapping :(! HA! Just kiddding...I've actually been having a lot of fun.
Bry just got back today after visiting his NaNa for almost 2 weeks. I missed that little booger. Bad news is...he's sick. So he has a Dr. appt in the morning to find out what's going on in his little body. Corbin is supposed to have a friend over tomorrow after school, but that is now limbo...b/c of the little dude and his sickness. I think Corbin thinks B was only put here to make his life miserable. Poor Corb. I hope his friend gets to visit tomorrow.
Sooo...I guess I will give ya something to look at and not just my random rambles!
Here is a little project I did...I took an online class here (the 12 days of Christmas) and it was really fun. I have more stuff to make, but I'm really...TOTALLY behind on my online class :(

Our house was taken over by wreaths last week for one of the church fundraisers...messy, but it smelled so yummy. Not a smell we normally get here in the Panhandle. Usually it's more of a spicy sulfury smell. Ok, so not so much spicy...just real stinky. FYI: There are like 4 chemical plants in our small town.

Here are some pics from our visit to the 4 sixes ranch/abilene...

Finally I just have to share one of my FAVORITE sites to visit...Bakerella. She makes the cutest things. One of my faves, the cake pops are SOOO awesome. She just posted her Christmas cake pops this week and I love them! I made some a few months ago and they are YUMMM-MMMY! Takes a little bit of time to do, but so worth it. I'm hoping to make some for friends for Christmas!
Ok, so that is all for now. I have a million more pics to share.
We finally put the tree up tonight, so I'll try to get some good shots tomorrow night. I found some great info here!