Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"O" Who??

Just wanted to share a few things...
Derek just HAD to send a picture of Bryson to one of our friends today...who just happens to be an OU fan...Soo, this is what he sent him:

I think this is Derek's favorite shirt and would probably try to wear it himself if it weren't so tiny!

And I also did a scrapbook page today of Corbin and I on Valentine's Day. We had strawberry floats, which were REALLY good, to drink and his teacher snapped a pic of us sharing!! She had all the mom's that were there do this with their kiddo...SOO cute!!

One more thing...Derek's sister is having surgery on Thursday to remove a mass on her thyroid. They are not sure if it is cancer at this time, but will know more during and after the surgery. Please pray for her, her daughter, family, friends and all doctors and nurses involved.



Anonymous said...

Where is my shirt??

Unky P

Danielle said...

LOVE that layout!!! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

How could you guys do that to Bryson? He looks like he crying.

Am I the only OU fan reading this blog???