Monday, April 28, 2008


I can't believe how big of a loser I am...(thanks for the subtle reminder Sarah :D) Two weeks have FLOWN's been madness!
Remember the friend's house we were working on?? Well...we ended up having a TON of people join in the next week and the house just looks AMAZING! She returned home on Saturday and I really think she loved the house. She's a woman of few words...but the expression on her face told me enough. It was pretty exciting to see her get home and enjoy her family and "new" home!

I've still been working out...and it is going...I'm not sore anymore...but it still kicks my tushie! Sandi made me start doing sit-ups last week in between a few stations and those are KILLER!! Today is the 21st day, but it still doesn't feel like a routine...more like a horrible, disgusting chore :D

Derek was out of town the last two weeks, but he is back for the week...YAY!! We are all pretty excited about that. And he and Corbin went on the father-son campout Friday night at PanFork. They had an awesome time...Corbin said they ate like champions Saturday morning...that's pretty much all the information I got from him. HA!

We all have another busy week ahead of us...Remi had an appt this morning...She has to have her teeth cleaned in two weeks...EEK! I wish they didn't have to put them under for that...but I totally understand, she would be a total spaz! And then tonight we have small group. Tomorrow I have Bible study and an appt at the chiropractor and Corbin has his Math TAKS test (say prayers for him!!!)...Wednesday, Corbin has a hair cut, I have an eye appt, we both have to go to his musical practice and then AWANA'S for Corbin, FUEL and Elevate for Derek, Praise Team and Choir practice for me...Thursday the rest of the family has hair appts (We are ALL lookin' really shaggy...esp the's BAD!)...AND we are going to try to finish Corbin's room this week...We are getting rid of the bunk part of his bed and painting the furniture, putting up blinds and curtains, finish painting his camo border, and A LOT or organization. He is the most unorganized kid! Drives me crazy, but I try to let him have his space...but sometimes it just gets ridiculous!
Well, now that I've bored you with my weekly agenda...I'll move on :)

...uh...yes, scrappy stuff...

I have decided to do a RAK for NSD!! I don't have a picture put together, but I promise you will not be disappointed! Juliana asked a question last week about how many different ribbons we I am actually going to count mine and I want you to guess how many I have...Just leave a comment with your guess and I will announce who was closest--over or under--on Friday. Good Luck!!!!!

I really haven't had any time to do much scrapping. What I've done, I can't show yet :( But here is my LO for this weeks sketch over at Triple the Sketch.

She is also doing a RAK for NSD. Be sure to check in this week so you can be eligible for the Prize!!
I'm sure I could say A LOT more...but I will end here...And just a little something to upset my wonderful husband...

I hope none of his Mass. friends see this...HEE HEE!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ummm...has it really been a week??

Sooooo sorry!! This week has been INSANE!! I'm hoping that this coming week will be a little less crazy.
First, I started working out this week. I've been lifting weights with a friend of mine and it has been kicking my booty! I am ridiculously out of shape and so my muscles are not sure what I am doing to they're REALLY sore!
Secondly, I started going to the chiropractor for the first time in my life. I went twice this week and will go 2 to 3 times a week until my back and shoulder start feeling like normal again...I really don't like getting old!
Then we have church, small group (which was my turn to do dinner for on Monday), Bible study on Tues, church and choir again on Wednesday, busy cleaning and doing some more Bible studying on Thursday then started recording our CD for the church choir that night from 6-10--which carried over to Friday night also, from 6-10. On Saturday, we worked on a couple's house in our small group (the wife has been away for 6 months and is returning in two weeks) cleaning, painting, and texturing walls. Next Saturday we will finish the cleaning, painting and then the fun stuff...decorating! And there's more...but I won't bore with ALL of the details :)
Needless to say, we had a FULL week...but I did manage to get some scrapping in here and there...YAY!! is my DT work for Triple the Sketch...I chose to do a tag for sketch #2. Everyone did fabulous work AS go check it out...NOW! :)

I made this card for a challenge that Dani had on her blog this week. Dani is an AWESOME card maker!! One of my biggest inspirations in the scrappy world! LOVE her work...

And just a couple of pages I did with some random photos...this one of myself that one of the teens took of me at church last week...He got a hold of my camera and WOULD NOT stop taking pictures...I think I was begging him to "PLEASE STOP" :)

And of Derek, Corbin and I on Easter 2005...

Well...I can't really think of anything is soooo quiet at my house right now. Derek had the 7th and 8th grade boys life group at our house tonight, and it got a little rowdy...let's just say some things got broken :(

I hope you have an AWESOME week!
Be blessed!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

And the Winner is....

CORBIN SHERMAN and the Bumblebee Camaro!!!!!!!!!! WoooHooo!!! We are all pretty excited!!
Here is the car...

Getting ready for the final race...

"buzzin" down the track....Go Corbin, Go Corbin!!

He won all five was awesome!! I think he actually might have won best in show also, but they try to not give the same kids trophies...Corbin and Pie Pie rocked it!!
So here they are, beaming with pride and joy :D!!!

Ok, so moving on now...
Here is some work I did this week...
One of my scripture challenge cards...

And a prayer journal I made for one of my prayer partners...

And a LO I did of Corbin...he was 3 in this pic...

And last but not least, my first DT work for Triple the Sketch, I made this card for Sketch #1...

All of the girls did some awesome work! Be sure to check back every Fri-Sun for more new work and sketches!

WHEW...that was a lot of info...I'll try not to slack next week, so I won't have to load it all in on one day :)


We're racin' today!

Derby Racin', that is! Corbin and Pie Pie have been working REALLY hard on the car for two weeks and it turned out AWESOME! Corbin is really excited...but I think my Dad might be MORE excited than him! HA!
Anywho...I will post pics after the race...keepin' ya in suspense for a little longer!