Monday, March 3, 2008 is the after!

So after a long week working is the almost finished product:

They did a GREAT job!! Thanks Honey, Chad and Tye...and Dad and Tina for helping with the carpet and water clean up!!
Now we just need to work on those doors...

Moving on...

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day...The boys and I went to my dad's for lunch after church and Bryson was outside swinging and playing football and now this is what it looks like:

We didn't get a ton of snow or anything...but the wind is ridiculous! Derek is in New Orleans all week and I saw on the news that they were under T-storm or Tornado watches. The weather is really being kinda silly right now...I'm ready for Spring!!

Happy Monday!

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Amy W. said...

yay for bloggin'! :) sorry about your watery situation but your room does look cool! love your bold color and those great wood floors!