Friday, August 15, 2014

Chalk paint

Hi!  So...I have like 5 unfinished blog posts sitting here...maybe I can actually finish this one!  Ha!

Summer is almost over and we have been busy little bees trying to finish our summer to do list we made. And while that has been super fun...I just realized yesterday why I have been so cranky this week. I thought it was because I was tired of the bickering, figuring out what to feed 3 hungry males all day, errryday. I thought it was the fact that my house stays clean for two seconds after I clean it or the constant "mama?" every time I get up to go to the restroom. But it wasn't...I hadn't done anything fun or creative for me!!  So I set out to be selfish on Wednesday and do what I wanted to do. I ran a bunch of errands and picked up this chalk paint at Michaels. 

I have wanted to try chalk paint for a while now, but it is expensive!!!  So I made some about a year ago and it was ok...but I didn't think it was quite right. And it wasn't. 

Fast forward to this week and seeing this little tub of paint at Ms for $8.99. Still pretty expensive, for me anyway!  So I stared at it for like 5 minutes, picked it up and put it back twice and finally decided to go for it!  (They had 12 different colors and 4 waxes/finishes). 

I have had these bowls for about 5 years. They were free and I knew I wanted to do something to them and finally decided yesterday they would be my first official chalk paint project. 

4 little ones and 1 big one. They were in pretty rough shape, but I just wiped them down with a towel, taped off the "design" I wanted and painted!  And here is the result. 
*please ignore my dirty table. 

Anywho!  There you have it!  I totally recommend this paint or any chalk paint! There are several available online and at antique store in my area. In doing some research, most people suggest using a good brush. The blue light special might not be your best choice!! ;)

And I've already started on my second $5 garage sale mirror that I have had for about 5 years also.