Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 1--Part 2...Day 2--Part 2

Ok...So we get on the bus that takes us to our rental car, they drop us off...I take a quick inventory...MY CAMERA!! I left my camera!! I run back over to the bus and bang on the doors, yelling for her to please open them! ACK! She does and I get my camera. Phew! Derek would have NOT been soo happy with me...and I wouldn't have blamed him. Not one bit!
So, we go check into our room, get a little settled in and decide that the boys are going to the beach and I was going to go to a scrapbook store that I found on the internet. The plan was that I would go with them after I finished shopping (which was so was the cutest little store, EVAH!!!) I'm checkin' out and my phone rings. I'm thinking "Perfect timing!" but then "Wait, they can't be done already".
Derek: What are you doing?
Me: Checkin' out.
Derek: Bryson pooped his pants (in an extremely annoyed voice)
Me: Oh no! :(
So, I got to spend an hour drinking Peppermint tea next door, while reading the paper...and Derek had to clean some poop pants. (Sorry, Honey!!)
We went back to the hotel, ordered pizza and called it a night. Day 1 is over!!

Ok...So now back to day two...I forgot about our trip to Walgreen's before the zoo. It was so awesome...NOT!! LOL!
I asked Derek if we could go buy another memory card for my camera b/c I only had like 40 pics left on it and didn't have anything I could delete yet. He said sure! I remembered seeing a Walgreen's the day before, so we headed there. I went in with Corbin (he wanted to get a disposable camera) and quickly found what I needed. They had a 4GB card for only 29.99...pretty good deal, right? It took a while to find someone to help me, which I needed because the little boogers are like locked on to the little hanger thing. So the man goes and gets a screw driver, but he can't get the thing off. As he's trying to pry the little lock off, I notice that it says for SD?? only. So I ask him what that means and he asks me how old my camera is...I tell him a few months and then he just kinda looks at me weird. So I say ok, let me just get the regular one. It was 55.99...but I'm thinking the other one is on sale becuase its for a camera they don't make anymore or something. Well, he still can't get the little lock off, so he just rips the card off hanger. Wow...ok, thanks!
I pay, go the car and ask Derek the same thing...what is for SD?? only? He doesn't know either. But I tell they had one half the being the frugal man that he is, he goes back in and gets the cheaper one. He gets back to the car and the package is that plastic stuff that you need the jaws of life to get into. After 10 minutes of wrestling with it...TA-DA...we pry it open. He opens up the cute little plastic box it comes in, I reach to grab it and it pops out. Where does it land, you might ask...down in the crevice between the seat and the middle console. As I'm wedging my hand between this uber tight space, I see that it is slipping...slipping into no man's land. It's about to fall down under the rail that the chair slides back and forth on. I yell, stretch my long fingers vigorously, and it's gone. It's gone. Derek says, "What do you mean it's gone?" I tell him again, it's like, gone! We will have to remove this seat to get it's G-O-N-E!
So, he calmly says to go in and just get the 2GB card and the two will equal the amount of the first I had purchased. But, I start crying instead. Lovely!
He goes in, comes back out and we leave. As we approach the light, he says...very calmly, "I just lost it in there." He gives me the story. I agreed. He lost it.
I hear Corbin in the back say, "Day 2, chapter 2..."
But now we are on our way to the it's all good.
Sorry that story was so long...but it was just too good not to include.

Ok, now more pics of the zoo. :)

We saw some pandas...

the little baby was sleeping in the cute!!

and my favorite...the meerkats...even cuter!

Then we broke for lunch...some were feeling a little sad...

and other a little...crazy?



gross camels...

and some giant koi...We have a koi pond, but ours are no where near this big! :)

I wanted to post the clouded leopard again, so you click on it and see how pretty he is.

Whew! That was a lot of work! I hope you enjoyed our day at the zoo. And I know you've probably seen these animals before, but I wanted to share anyways! :D

Yesterday Bry and I spent the day at the 6666 ranch in Guthrie, visiting friends and then to Abilene to visit more I will post some pics of that along with Day 3 of our trip at LegoLand.

Sorry this is so long! Hope you enjoyed!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back from our trip, Day 1--Part 1, Day 2--Part 1...

Is that confusing?! I have SOOO much to share!! We had a really great time in San Diego and I'm trying to go through all of the pics I took, so I can share some of our fun! I'm gonna do this in several parts (ummm, hence the title). There are A LOT of pics!
We left early Friday morning for our trip and aside from a few loud screeches, screams, yells, etc. on the plane (from Mr. B, of course), the trip there went smoothly. We made our way down to the baggage claim...this is where the fun begins. My curious little two year old saw a small box with a little handle on it and wanted to see what was inside. I turned just in time to his tiny,sweet, little hand flip the little knob up, Derek yells his name...sirens go off, a big red light starts flashing and the entire airport is staring! And laughing. I slowly walk away. He had opened up an AED...A.K.A, automated external defibrillator. Some annoyed looking gentleman slowly walked over, turned something, and the alram stopped. Whew! That was fun.
We then gather our bags and head to the escalator. Mr. Curious and now very independent insists that he carry his own bag up the escalator. I disagree. He yells. Derek insists it will be fine. So, against my better judgement, I say ok. He gets on, loses his balance and starts falling down the stairs, head first...face down. His little mystery machine suitcase goes tumbling down with him. Luckily, he had no visible injuries. And didn't really even cry...but it scared the crap outta me!! I told Derek I might need a drink!
So that was the first 20 does get better ;)
I'm gonna go ahead and skip to day 2, for now. We went to the San Diego Zoo. The weather was SOO amazing! It was hot for California this time of year, but still really nice to us.
(You can click on the pics for a larger version if they are too little...*ETA* or maybe doesn't seem to be working for this post, sorry!)
We started out with some misc. birds...the flamingos are the only ones I know the names of...Bryson was really fascinated and probably could have just stayed there all day and watched them...

So we move one...

We saw lots of birds (this was my favorite)

some tigers cuddling

two giant hippos...I guess also cuddling

and one fake copper one

a clouded leopard...

Ok...I'll post more animal shots on my next post, Day 2--Part 2 :D

The landscaping was sooo beautiful! That was really one of my favorite parts. I LOVE flowers, cool plants, here are some shots of some of faves...
I think the Hibiscus is one of my faves...

Don't know what this is but thought it was cool

And these were all over the place, in red also.

I have pictures of some of this same plant/flower from my trip to China last year.

Ok. Well...I also haven't posted A THING for Triple the Sketch in here are some from last month

and also a page I did of Bryson and I that I really love!!

Oh yeah, I was tagged on a friends blog...I will get that in here soon! I promise.

Hope you are all having an awesome Wednesday!