Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It is SOOO cold today! And that really is not a complaint. I enjoy the cold weather. It gives me a good reason to stay home!:)
I did venture out yesterday and today to try and get some pics of the cute little snowflakes. I love them....sooooo much. I wish I could put it in a bottle or something and put it on a shelf...without them melting, obviously. Just having the perfect little snowflake fall on your shirt is one of my favorite things in the world. I hate that it melts away into my clothing in a matter of seconds! SAD!
Ok, so yesterday it was kinda spitting these teeny tiny balls of snow...
NOTHING exciting...at all.

But today...we had some genuine, one of a kind flakes falling from the heavens! It was beautiful...

We didn't really get much accumulation...but it is VERY frigid out there.

Yesterday, I went to put Bryson down for his nap...and he was fast asleep...in his closet! So sweet...I ran to get my camera...

I don't have anything creative to share today. I'm still cleaning and organizing everything. I am making progress, but still have a LONG way to go! Hopefully I will finish this week!! I'll share before and after pics when I'm done. *gulp*


Saturday, January 24, 2009

I need to give a shout out to some life savers...

These guys were there for me this week BIG TIME!! Couldn't have made it without you! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

And a shout out to my Honey who brought me these beauties...some get well flowers...

Thankfully the family is MUCH better and done with that ridiculous stomach bug. Now I am a little behind on my motherly duties and should really be doing that instead of blogging on my computer :D

Anyone out there excited about the Super Bowl...Who are you rootin' for?? I'm rootin' for the Cardinals...the underdog. Usually I root for the opposite of my husband just to annoy him, but this year we are actually going for the same team.
D is re-starting FCA in our area and is doing a SuperBowl party. AND it also happens to be C's 10th birthday. So we have a lot to get prepared for next Sunday. AND that is also when our new pastor will be here. It's a pretty big day! I'm excited.

I think today I am going to attempt to make a dent in my disastrous thing called a scraproom. I took pictures of it, but I don't think I'm ready to post them yet. It's pretty ugly.

I'm waiting on a package from Sephora today, too. They always send you free samples with your orders and this time I get some extra samples...So, that's always fun!! I hope it gets here today!!!!!!

Man, I am quite the rambler today...

Ok, here is my LO from Triple the Sketch this week. Not one of my favorite, and for some reason I couldn't get a good picture...but I love the pictures of family game night, so that's all that matters ;)

Last thing...if you are needing something to make you feel miserable, I mean to satisfy your chocolate desires...I made these last week and they are UH-MAZING!!! (Derek took them on his ski trip and they were a huge hit!!) And I don't even care for chocolate all that much. They are super easy to make! YUMMMMMMM!!!!!! (BTW, Bakerella is also having a giveaway for a Wii on her blog, if you haven't been there yet, it ends tonight)

Hope your weekend is going wonderfully!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not much has been going around these parts, so there hasn't been much to blog about.
D went skiing with our church youth group this weekend, and just got back today. He's in one piece and he had fun. A little sore, but he had fun!
I think B is coming down with a little stomach bug...he started acting a little cranky last night and today he's had some...well...issues. Poor guy. I hope he gets better soon.:(

I was bored while D was gone and found a squirrel to try my new camera lens out on. (it was a Christmas present from D)
He had just opened up a pecan from our front yard...

Then I scared him and he ran to the back, across the alley, and I finally found him in someone's back yard...

He ate his nut and then went and got another one...

Then he stopped and posed for me...

And then went on his way again.

All the boys around these parts use the squirrels for target practice...but, I really think they are cute.

Tomorrow morning I'm starting a new Bible study at church...We are doing this Beth Moore study. Can't wait to get started.

Some scrappin'...
Here is a little gift card holder I made for this week's sketch at Triple the Sketch...(it's made from an envelope, folded in half)the last of my Christmas stuff! Thank goodness...

And a LO from our trip to San Diego...

Ok, that's it.
I think I'm going to bed early tonight.
Hope you had nice holiday today, if you did. Have a great rest of your week!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What to say, what to say...I don't really know!
We did get a new pastor last night. That's very exciting!! He was voted in 100% yes!! We have been with out a pastor for about 19 months...so it is pretty awesome to finally have a consistant speaker each Sunday...and MANY other things. Can't wait to get to know him and his family!!
We have a busy week ahead of us. And then Derek is leaving Friday to go on the Youth ski/disciple now trip until Monday. He has NEVER skied before...so that should be interesting. I just hope and pray he doesn't break, tear, sprain, strain, whatever ANYTHING! Really, he will probably have an amazing time. I can't wait.

I did manage to get some scrapping done! I got LOTD (layout of the day) at CMK!
This is the LO I did. I really love this picture! It is one of the few pictures of all four of them together (My PaPa, grandmother, Mom and aunt). My mom is the littlest one. My PaPa, mom, and aunt all passed away from cancer and my grandmother is not in our lives...They seem so happy in this picture and I journaled that is was probably one of the last before my grandmother left them all. I wonder what was going in her mind in this picture. How she could leave this beautiful family....Anywho, here it is...

Here is another I did of me my best girl, Remi! She's so cute!!

And one more of Bryson with Santa...this was his first Christmas.

And here are the last two projects for Triple the Sketch.
A Christmas card...Hey, I'm way ahead...OR just really behind??

And a picture of Corbin with Santa...this was also his first Christmas.

I have more to share...but I will wait until next time.

Well...I guess that is all for now. I need to get to bed soon, so I can get up early and get some stuff done around the house.
Hope you all have a great week!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hi! It's the moment you've been waiting your WHOLE life for!!
So, maybe not your WHOLE life...but it's the moment you've been waiting for...
maybe it's just a moment and you haven't been waiting for it...

Whatever it may be...it's here!!

I had some help from Handy Dandy Husband! Thanks Hon!

Here we are...all the names on the list...

into the cup they go...

Honey digs in...


the winner is...

a.k.a. Happay!!!!

PM your address to me and I will get it to ya!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I love doing RAKs!! I should really do them more often!!
OK...so just leave a comment and I will draw a name on Thursday!!
Oh...you want to know what I'll send the lucky winner...
My super awesome deals from Wal-Mart!!

Yep...all of this. Don't worry...I bought some for me too! :D
Good Luck!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


It's over...
Christmas, New Years, Bry's birthday...
It's all over!
WOW, I can't believe how fast everything goes by...time, the holidays, my growing babies.
And now, a new year. I love how we get to start all over every 365 days. Start a new year, attempt to make it better than the one before. To leave the past year behind and start fresh.
I have a feeling this year is going to have a lot of suprises. Probably some good and maybe some bad...But I'm excited for both. I have faith in His perfect plan for us, so I want to have fun and praise Him with everything he will put in our path. I can't wait.

I think my word for the year is going to be PREPARE. I just feel REALLY strongly that God keeps telling me to PREPARE...in sooo many different ways. So I've started off by cleaning out A TON of stuff in the house. I'm going to start cooking and eating in a completely different way (this will probably be the most challenging...for both me AND my children) I could go on and on...but these are just a few of MANY!
Seriously...I can't wait!

So, I thought I would share a few...errr, ok...more than a few...pictures of Bry's birthday. We had a great night!!
Some happy party goers:

New toys!! YAY!! (I had to use my flash on these...this kid was tearin' into them two at a time!)

Time for cupcakes!! He wouldn't quit blowing out the candles! HA! He would blow them out before Derek even got them lit! Sandi covered his little mouth while we sang Happy Birthday...

Annual play-doh molding contest begins...Bryson made a castle...so cute!

all the entries lined up...

And then some Rock Band and Scene it! on the Xbox...(no pics of Scene It...but it was A LOT of fun...you have your own little buzzer to buzz in with your answer)

Whew...sorry for so many photos...that was more than I had planned on posting.
Well...I guess that is all for now!
Happy 2009! Hope you are all putting 2008 behind you and are PREPARING to receive your many blessings in 2009!