Friday, February 29, 2008

The Flood, things have been quite eventful around here lately!

Tuesday night we had a "flood" in the master bathroom, which flooded the bathroom, our bedroom, the hallway and the hall bathroom. It was A LOT of water!! Not just trickling out of the toilet...but GUSHING!!! I cried...and yelled a little, too. Needless to say, we had to pull all the carpet up...and padding in our bedroom...and are now in the process of replacing our bedroom floor. We decided to go ahead and paint while we were at that added more work to our fiasco. The house is a disaster...and I am about to go insane!! I'll post some before and after pics soon!

Stay dry!

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Jessica said...

HA! You and me both. Ben and I came back from dinner last night to a flooded basement. UGH! what a mess. thankfully we got all the water up but lost the carpet in the extra bedroom. bummer. but it was old anyway. our problem was the washer...i'll take that over a toilet anyday! but the new room looks nice!