Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can a girl be any safer??

With these two awesome guys by her side??

Derek is out of town, so I felt pretty safe with these two! HA!

Just a little quick post to show the boys in their Halloween costumes. We went to the Fall Festival last night, it's an annual event that our church does. We had a great time!! Well, most of the time. The little "Chinese Super Hero" kept weaving in and out of the crowd...without me! I panicked a few times...but it's actually a pretty small place so I knew he wouldn't get too far. Anywho, he is REALLY appreciating Halloween this year and just kept telling me how cool and great it was. And he wanted to wear his costume again today. He's a nut! Corbin found his friends right away, so it's a good thing I took pics of him before, because we didn't see him again until it was time to leave. So grown up and independent.

Well, I'll post more pics later!
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seriously, how do I get so far behind...

I think it could be ADD. I took a quiz in this months Real Simple, either I have ADD or I just can't get it together. I'm kiddin'...well, kinda...
Well, whatever, just some randomness.
I'm sitting here on the couch, listening to D snore, smelling the dog after she rolled around in poop this evening...while we are at church. Why is that neccessary? We all know who's poop is in the back yard...there is really no need to roll in it. I don't want to take fun pictures with you when you roll in POOP!! SICK!!!

I still love ya, girl!
Yeah, more ramdomness. :D
The weather has been MUCH cooler this week and I love it. I love the fall and winter. And I can't wait for snow. D hates the really despises the cold weather. I mean he lived in Florida (not sure how long), then moved to Austin in the 2nd his experience with snow/cold weather is pretty much zero.
Ok...I'll try not to be random anymore :D
We've had another busy week...chiropractor, eye dr., hair appts, Bible studies, fundraiser meeting, choir practice, vet, Derek went to New Mexico yesterday for work, tail-gate on Friday...on and on. Despite all the runnin' around, things have been really good. With everything going on in the country, world...we feel extremely blessed. At this time, there are no real struggles. I'm thankful to have a healthy family, a roof over our head, meals on the tables. Life is good. God always provides in one way or another and always blesses our home. Speaking of blessed, Derek and I are doing really well after LASIK. We both had appts today and we are both seeing 20/15. My eyes are great, no more discomfort, no dry eyes,'s awesome. Derek's having a little bit of blurriness still, but he said it is getting better everyday. I have some great pictures of him before and after his procedure...but, I think he might kick me out if I posted them. I jokingly told him I had already posted them...he was NOT a happy camper! Maybe some day.

OK, so for some scrappy stuff...
I am the GD at Scrap for a Cure this month...I had to do 4 LOs or 3 LOs and project with the October I did the latter. Here are the LOs and the project.

Pretty fun! I had fun scrapping old pics of Corbin. I can't belive he will be 10 soon. Freaks me out a little!

Well, that's all for today I guess. I should probably hit the sack!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Almost 32...

WOW! I can not believe it is October! And October is looking like another busy month...D goes in tomorrow morning to make sure he will be able to have his LASIK on Thursday...Thursday is also his birthday...his 32nd...and his license is up for renewal, too. Which is why this whole LASIK thing came up...he doesn't want to have the "with corrective lenses" on his DL anymore. Now he's worried that he won't pass his eye test on Friday, which he has to have done to get his license renewed to leave on his trip Monday. I guess it's an important trip, and not being there is not an option. He's crazy. And he makes me laugh!!

SEE??!! He's crazy...

Last night was our last night of small group. We have decided to "drop" out for now because we just have too many things going on. We never just get to chill out for a now we have NOTHING on Monday nights!! YAY!! Small group was also at our house, so now I don't have to make sure my house is spotless every Monday night. HA! But seriously, we are going to miss it...but now it's going to be good for our family.

I still haven't taken pics of the cute little boots. But I will soon. I think he would have slept in them if I had let him. He's crazy, too!! I mean, the whole family is crazy...really.
Including the dog.
She has figured out a way into the neighbors yard, we can't figure out how, and just hangs out with their dogs...they have 3 dogs...just barking and running and having a good ol' time. CRAZY dog!

B not only likes to wear his boots around the house...but he also likes to wear other things around the house...a cape, hats, coats or jackets...even during the summer...He likes to zip it all the way up, and puts the hood on if there is this...

or this, an example of his hat fetish...along with a rockin' choice of PJ's...(I put the tops and bottoms together and he still rummages through the drawer and picks makes him happy, I guess)...

Crazy. I finally got to get some scrappin' in! WOO-HOO!!

Here is one I did of crazy B the other night...I love it!! He just looks cute and sweet here.

And also my LO for Triple the Sketch this week...

The pics are these stickers I
Pretty fun!

Well...I best get to bed. I'm getting sleepy!