Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nerver...Voting...TAKS test

Ok...so I just realized today that instead of my address saying "never"adullmoment...it says "nerver"adullmoment. HOW ANNOYING!!! Well, I've already sent out the info and neveradullmoment is already taken, so I'm gonna have to leave it. **sigh**

Today was a pretty busy day...Bible study, lunch, visitor, errands, another visitor, grocery store, Corbin's reading tutor, dinner, bath for Bry, another visitor...now I'm ready to go to my scraproom, but I think I should probably just go to bed. We'll see.
Speaking of scrapping...I've decided to share that on here also! Here is a layout I did of Remi (our Jack Russell) yesterday:

She's such a pretty princess!! I love it!

Today was the TX primary and I went to vote and couldn't. I was a little upset! I thought when you changed your address on your license it also changed your voter registration...??? Whatever...I went ahead and registered so I can be ready to vote in Nov.

Tomorrow is the TAKS test for Corbin...so be thinking and praying for him. Up until about a month ago he was having some serious anxiety and acting completely ridiculous at school. I met with his teacher, the counselor, the principal and then a had SERIOUS talk with him and he's been fine ever since. He told me tonight the TAKS test use to be his worst enemy and now it is his best friend. He's so silly!

3 more days until Derek comes home. Can't wait...I think the boy's feelings are mutual!! We miss you Honey/Dad!! :D

Until next time...


Anabelle said...

Congrats on joining the blogging world. I love your layout. Such great colors!

Patter Cross said...

Love you LO!!! Such a cute puppy! And my girls all three take the TAKS today (one at home). Should be an interesting day for all! Prayers to all our kiddos! And lovin' your blog girlie! :)

Norma Kennedy said...

So sorry to read about the flood- been there and I know what a pain clean up is. However your room looks Fantastic ! Luv your layout of Remi -he looks simply ADORABLE !!!!


Sherry said...

I love your blog, it looks great.
The layout of Remi is so cute!

Danielle said...

welcome to the blog world!! Yours looks fun! Beautiful layout!!!

Lissa Anglin said...

Ember- so cool that you have a blog! I totally just subscribed to you. :)

LOVE the scrapbook page- I may have to consult with you about some packaging in the future...