Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We had a BUSY weekend...I still haven't finished unpacking! And the week has been just as busy so far! Sorry I haven't updated!
We had a lot of family in town and we had a lot of fun hanging out, playing cards, a little Rock Band, and just visiting! My brother and his family came over to our house on Monday and we hung out all afternoon and then we had small group that night. This morning we had some friends over for breakfast, then I had Bible study and I had Bunko tonight! Whew! Derek is leaving tomorrow for the rest of the week...so I think it will probably be crazy around here until this weekend! But it does make the time go by fast...I guess that's good and bad...
Anywho...I wanted to post some pics of us from Easter. The pictures really did not turn out all that great, and I'm not sure why and Bryson was NOT cooperating...but I still think they're pretty cute!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!
I will post some NYC pics soon!



Renee said...

Don't you just love it when kids don't cooperate for a pic? I think they still turned out adorable and it's those type that give the best memories! Glad you had a good Easter and can't wait to see pics of NYC girl! Glad to have you back!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great, hope to see you soon.