Friday, May 2, 2008

Stuff, TTS, and the winner!!!

SOOOO...another busy week, of course. The family is looking much better after our haircuts...We could have started a Beatles cover band they were getting so shaggy...Well, that may be a BIT of an exaggeration, but not much!! HEE HEE!!
And I am now grounded from contacts until next Tuesday. I'm a rebel and I sleep in my contacts all the time, and the Dr. was less than pleased on Wednesday. I despise wearing my glasses...but have decided to follow doctor's orders...I mean it's a small town AND we go to the same church...sooo, ya know!

Patter came up with another awesome sketch for us this week over at Triple the Sketch. Here is my take on this weeks sketch...
Me and Tahia (friend's daughter) acting ridiculous...

And now the moment you have ALL been waiting for...(yeah, right...LOL)
The winner is.....

I have 384 ribbons and you guessed 377!!! A lot of you were sooo close...I wish I could send you all something :(
PM me your addy and I will get it out today or tomorrow!! CONGRATS!!!!

Well, I have a million and five things to do today, so I best get cracka'lackin'!



Norma Kennedy said...

Awww luv your layout -CUTE ! and Congrats to Lauren on those goodies !


maria W said...

looooove your layout :D
congrats to lauren!

Lauren said...

That is a great layout. those are some great pictures! Thanks again for that fabulous RAK! wahoo! A star for my day!